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Ignite Your Torch

Conquer for Christ!

Ignite Your Torch Conference

Photos: Aja Spalding

Dear Friends in Christ,

   We are very sorry to bring you this news, but because of circumstances beyond our control, we will not be able to have an Ignite Your Torch Catholic Youth Conference in Kentucky this year. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you in your summer plans. Anyone who already paid their registration fees will be fully refunded. Please keep us in your prayers. Let us remember that even though we will not be able to get together this year, we can be united to each other through our union with Jesus in the Holy Eucharist!  May God bless all of you.

What is Ignite Your Torch?

Ignite Your Torch Conference

IGNITE YOUR TORCH is a high school Catholic youth conference in which “on fire” young priests and religious seek to ignite the faith of teens through engaging talks, small group discussions, and workshops as well as personal interaction at recreation, meals and just hanging out. It is an opportunity to make new friendships in Christ, to receive the sacraments, to meet and talk to young priests and religious, and to worship, pray, learn, and recreate together.


Ignite Your Torch is Eucharistic-centered, devoted to our Blessed Mother, catechetical in nature, and teaches youth practical ways to build up the culture of life.

The Conference
Ignite Your Torch Conference

The Conference

Four days of powerful talks, prayer and fun! 
Ignite Your Torch Conference

    Priests and Religious


Priests and religious play a central role in teaching, interacting with and ministering to the high school students. Priests, Brothers and Sisters from the most vibrant and fastest-growing religious orders and communities, as well as diocesan priests, speak at general sessions and workshops, lead small discussion groups, and interact with the youth through games, meals and casual conversation.​


Some of the religious communities who regularly participate at Ignite Your Torch are pictured below. (Click on a picture below to learn more about a community.) 


Sisters of Life
Ignite Your Torch
Priests and Religious

Diocesan Priests

& Seminarians

Sisters of Life

Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word

Benedictine Monks

Ignite Your Torch

Sister Servants of the Eternal Word

Dominican Friars

Dominican Friars


Servants of the Lord

and the Virgin of Matara

Fathers of Mercy


Nashville Dominicans


Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters

Ignite Your Torch

Sisters of St. Joseph

the Worker

Corporate Sponsors

We are blessed to have people throughout the country praying for us and supporting us financially as well. We are grateful to each and every one.

For information about becoming a corporate sponsor, please email


Ignite Your Torch Conference

Testimonials and Endorsements

Ignite Your Torch Conference

Fr. Anthony Mendoza,
Vicar General,
Diocese of Laredo, TX:

"These conferences have helped 'FAN THE FLAME' of the faith of many young people from my parish. The EUCHARISTIC FOCUS of the conference also helped them to have more appreciation for JESUS in the Blessed Sacrament. They have enjoyed the enlightening talks, the lively music, the games, and the chance to meet so many of their peers who have a STRONG faith. I hope MANY MORE young Catholics will experience IGNITE YOUR TORCH and continue to spread the LIGHT OF CHRIST."

Fr. Tony Cecil, Louisville,
former Ignite participant:

"At its core, the Ignite Your Torch Catholic Youth Conference is designed to give the youth of our Church a challenge. The challenge is simple—'Ignite Your Torch, and Conquer for Christ.' Ignite calls us to change. We receive a calling to be a follower of Christ—to be countercultural, just as He was.  There are two key aspects to Ignite that I found myself taking farther than just the four days [of the conference]. First, there is the call to live as a pro-life American. Ignite is a very pro-life conference—the youth even pray the rosary at the abortion mill. This experience inspired me to take action. Thanks to Ignite, I was able to take the passion of pro-life ministry back to another community and put it into action. Secondly, Ignite allowed me to be more open to the possibility of a vocation to the priesthood. At the conference, there are priests, brothers, and sisters just about everywhere you look. This unique interaction with them gave me the idea that these are real people, and that they’re not that different from me. This was definitely one of the huge factors that led me to openly discern a vocation to the priesthood.  "All in all, what I want to say about the Ignite Your Torch Catholic Youth Conference is this: it is amazing.  It’s one of those things that you really have to experience in order to fully understand it. And I can say without hesitation that it is fully worth experiencing. Ignite gives the youth of our Church a challenge: to go out, spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, and change the world around them. Not only that, but it gives them the confidence that they can really do it."

Sr. Jane Dominic, OP,
Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia:

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"This is the youth conference that has it ALL! Our Lord is the center. The Mass and Eucharistic adoration are the focal point--everything else flows out of and back to the Eucharist. The conferences feed our love and understanding of the riches of our faith; the joy of friendship and fun encourage us to hope and a deeper love of one another. Come! You will meet the Lord."

Fr. James Brent, OP,
Former Director of the
Angelic Warfare Confraternity:

"The Ignite Your Torch youth conference is simply the best Catholic youth conference out there today. The combination of a catechetical emphasis, a pro-life focus, traditional devotions such as the Rosary and Eucharistic adoration, as well as the presence of so many religious men and women is unmatched anywhere else. Every year there are teens who have conversions and find their vocations at Ignite. At this hour of history, teens are particularly vulnerable to being caught up in chains of sexual sin. The chastity promotion carried out at Ignite will make a difference in eternity."

Sr. Antoniana Maria,
Sisters of Life:

"Ignite Your Torch is one of the BEST Catholic youth conferences I have ever seen! Supporting this conference is contributing to the building up of the CULTURE OF LIFE and the civilization of LOVE."  

Religious Sister:

"This conference is a rare combination of BEAUTIFUL, reverent liturgies, SOLID faith formation, Christian FELLOWSHIP, and just plain FUN. We have much enjoyed attending and speaking at Ignite Your Torch and pray for its continued SUCCESS!"

Diocesan Priest:
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“I attend quite a few conferences, both Catholic and non-Catholic, and the schedule here is fantastic. The depth and breadth are wonderful. They don’t treat the youth like airheads. They treat them with respect for their capacity to recognize truth, rather than giving them a bunch of superficial fluff designed to keep them entertained. That’s critical.”

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Ignite Your Torch Conference

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