The IGNITE YOUR TORCH volunteer team (the “green shirts”) is a group of young adult volunteers who want to witness to their Catholic faith by serving their younger brothers and sisters at the IYT Conference.

Who may apply to be a Green Shirt?


Volunteers must be:
• Young adult men and women who have finished high school and are

     between the ages of 18-21.
• Catholics who are actively practicing their faith, who believe all of the Church's

     teachings, and are committed to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, especially

     in the Holy Eucharist.
• Willing to agree to our volunteer organizer code of behavior.

• Willing to follow all the rules of the volunteer team and do the tasks assigned

     to them by the Volunteer Coordinator'

• Submit a copy of attendance to their diocese's Child Protection Program.

• Submit a copy of a Crimminal Background Check done within a 5-year period.

• Must be able to attend the entire conference.


​What will I be expected to do at the conference?

Volunteers will help with the general work of the conference such as setting up chairs, helping youth participants with directions to their activities, and other tasks that contribute to the safety and smooth running of the conference.

Will I be able to attend conference events?

The Volunteer Coordinator will schedule tasks so that volunteers can participate in all of the Masses and holy hours and most of the assemblies, workshops and other activities. Volunteers, however, must be willing to leave a conference activity if unscheduled or emergency help is needed.

What is the cost to be a volunteer?

There is no fee to be a volunteer. If you would like to make a donation to help cover your meal expense, that would be appreciated.

How do I apply? ​

Download the young adult volunteer forms under the "registration" button. All applicants must fill out the 4-page application and 2-page medical form. Only new volunteers need to obtain volunteer recommendations. Mail to CUL/IGNITE. Keep a copy for your records. Forms (including recommendations) must be received by May 3, 2019. You will receive a response to your application no later than June 8, 2019.


Send your completed volunteer forms to:

Tamara Cesare - CUL/IGNITE Registrar

PO Box 10

New Hope, KY 40052

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