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IGNITE YOUR TORCH is a Catholic youth conference where young religious and priests seek to evangelize young people through personal interaction. It is an opportunity to make new friendships in Christ, to receive the sacraments, to meet and talk to young priests and religious, and to worship, pray, learn, and recreate together. Ignite Your Torch is Eucharistic-centered, devoted to Our Blessed Mother, and catechetical in nature, and teaches youth practical ways to build up the culture of life.

Ignite Your Torch is a project of Catholics United for Life. It is a collaborative grassroots effort of priests, religious, youth workers and parents. It has transformed the lives of thousands of youth, occuring each summer since 2005.


Call Us: 1-800-764-8444   /  contact@catholicsunitedforlife.org   /   PO Box 10 New Hope, KY 40052

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