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Ignite Your Torch Conference

by Benjamin Hayden

Nearly 300 youth, Priests & Religious pray and silently witness outside the abortion mill in downtown Louisville, KY.

"Ignite your torch! Conquer for Christ!"

This was the cry of nearly 300 youth gathered in the gym on the campus of St. Catharine College in Springfield, Ky. Since 2009, this campus has become the training ground for Catholic high schoolers as they go forth amongst their peers as martyrs – witnesses to the faith.

The Ignite Your Torch Conference was created in response to World Youth Day, started by our beloved St. John Paul II. It places a strong emphasis on our individual, particular calls to holiness and better prepares youth to proudly cling to their Catholic identity, even in the midst of our often anti-religious society.  continued

(MFVA) Friars, with Bischop Rice, attend 10th Annual "Ignite Your Torch" Youth Conference in Springfield, KY

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Fr. John Paul and Br. John Therese attended the 10th annual "Ignite Your Torch" Youth Conference from July 10th to the 13th at St. Catharine's College in Springfield, Kentucky. More than 200 hundred youth showed up for the conference.


The youth who attended the conference came from all parts of the country including Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, and Indiana.


During the retreat, the youth participated in fellowship and listening to key note speakers and attending several workshops of their choosing about different aspects of the Catholic faith. The youth were engaged in learning about the Scriptures, morality, vocations and the pro-life ministry. The leaders of the conference also organized a trip to the downtown abortion clinic in Louisville, Kentucky to reach out to those in the pro-choice movement in which the auxiliary bishop of St. Louis, Missouri, Bishop Edward Rice, lead the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary and the chaplet of Divine Mercy.   continued

Ignite Your Torch Conference Held at St. Catharine


Posted by The Record in Archdiocesan News

Written by Jessica Able

Participants of the Ignite Your Torch conference prayed the rosary across the street from the EMW Women’s Surgical Center, where abortions are performed, June 29. The Catholic youth conference took place June 27 to 30 at St. Catharine College in Springfield, KY. (Record Photos by Jessica Able)

SPRINGFIELD, KY — More than 200 teenagers from across the United States were told to stand up for their faith at the Ignite Your Torch conference held at St. Catharine College here.


That’s the message Simon Michalak, 15, took away from the Catholic youth gathering. “We are called to ignite our torch, to be conquerors for Christ,” said Michalak, who is a student at Immaculata Classical Academy in Louisville. “We need to stand up for our faith and not be afraid.”


In its ninth year, the Ignite your Torch conference has gradually gained momentum. Attendees traveled from as far as Belgium in order to attend the four-day retreat this year. continued

Ignite Your Torch

by Br. Michael James Rivera, O.P. on Wed, 08/28/2013

Ignite Your Torch…Conquer for Christ! This was the rallying cry of those attending Ignite Your Torch (IYT), a youth conference which made its way to the Pacific Northwest earlier this month in order to evangelize and inspire 200 teens from Oregon and the state of Washington. IYT offers something unique in the way of youth conferences.  Frequently the accent at youth ministry events is on fun, games, and music, with a dash of catechesis and preaching that goes only so deep.  IYT also allows teen to participate in beautiful and reverent liturgies, and learn about the Catholic faith and how to put it into practice. In addition to being Eucharistic-centered, Marian, and pro-life, IYT invites priests, religious brothers (Br. Peter, myself, and Fr. Stephen Maria represented the Western Province of Dominicans) and sisters, and many others to come together and offer catechetical presentations and workshops on a number of topics.


Some of the highlights from the conference, in my opinion, included Br. Peter’s talk on natural law, and a presentation by Sister Angela Marie, O.P., who spoke about the human person and love, referring to St. Thomas Aquinas as she distinguished between the emotion of love and love as an act of the will.   continued

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