A Few Changes for Ignite 2020

We are going paperless!

You can still print out forms for youth who might not have the ability to register online; however, group leaders will have to keep copies of the signed papers while entering the information online and clicking that they are signing online paperwork in lieu of those documents. 

We also have an Early Bird hold option! You can pay for a certain number of spots and keep that Early Bird price for your Late Birds!!!! These spots, however, are non-refundable and non-transferable to other groups. 

ALSO: The nurse will no longer carry or dispense over-the-counter medications. Each group should have their own medical box with general needs like bandaids and Tylenol, especially for nightly needs. The nurse might have a small amount with her during the day, but not as an absolute. 

Cost per person $280.00
(youth and chaperones) 

Documents to print and read.


Youth Group Forms

PLEASE NOTE: Group Registration Form must be completed  before Chaperones & Participants may register. Early Bird spots must be paid for up front. 

PLEASE NOTE: Chaperones must read the Crisis Management-Emergency Plan and the Chaperone Manual before being able to register—see above in printable documents. 

PLEASE NOTE: Instructions for UA Huntsville's online Safe Environment. This need be completed by the Chaperones only. It is a simple 20 min - if that - instruction. If you are having difficulty, you may have to take down your pop up blocker temporarily. 

Here is the link:  https://www.uah.edu/compliance/child-protection-policy

On that page, read the parts titled “Mandatory Reporting" and  “Training Information.” The latter contains some instructions.

Going back to the first sentence under “Training Information,” click on the link called “Protecting Children: Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct Training.” (The Clery Training doesn’t seem to be working; just ignore that.)

Once you have created an account for yourself and completed the course, which takes around 30-40 minutes, the university should be able to see that you have done it. Please also email Tamara Cesare to let her know that you have done it, in case there is some glitch and the university cannot see it. If you get an acknowledgment email from the university, please forward it to Tamara.

Clergy/Religious Orders

Other Adult Organizers/Volunteers

Young Adult Volunteers
(Green Shirts)

Celebrating Sixteen Years of Ignite Your Torch!


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