COVID-19 Virus Updates and Ignite 2020 We are going virtual. 

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Ignite Your Torch 2020:

We have some good news for you!


As you may know, we have unfortunately been forced to cancel Ignite this year in both locations—at least the on-campus version. This is a heart-wrenching decision—but, just as has happened every year since 2005, we see God’s hand at work in this, giving us new opportunities even when things change.  


The good news is: we are going virtual! The conference dates are now Friday and Saturday, July 17-18.


Of course, we realize this is not going to be the same. It’s the person-to-person experience that is so amazing at Ignite, but we believe that if we open our hearts up to what it is that God has to offer, we may receive even greater graces than usual! God is good like that!


Here are some exciting aspects of Ignite 2020:

First, we will be able to get some very exciting content from religious and priests who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to travel and join us in person. We are collaborating with our Ignite Northwest team and will offer our conferences together as one, so each location’s youth have the rare opportunity to hear some of the great speakers the other location has!


We already have some of our most popular speakers lined up, such as Fr. Augustine Wetta.


In addition, we hope to have some version of our popular religious talent show!


Secondly, Ignite reaches maybe 300 youth at each campus—those able to travel and able to afford it, even though the prices are extremely generous compared to other similar programs. (I had 8 children; I know what it is like to try to afford something like this, especially if a family has multiple high-school aged teens.)


But this year, any high school youth can attend, regardless of location, and for the price of a donation! For some who were too far away or had other obstacles to joining us at Ignite—this might be your year!


Thirdly, now the youth won’t have to miss a single offered workshop! The talks will be available online for some time after the conference, so the youth can attend them all if they want to—a rare opportunity!


But, we do need your help. We will be working with a much smaller crew and won’t have several of the big expenses that we would have had with a full conference. However, nothing is possible without some funding. With that in mind, we will provide a donation button on our online sign-up page.


What you can do:
—Tell all your friends, youth group leaders, etc.

—Direct them to our website to register (

—Sign up there yourself

—Please consider a donation to help cover expenses.

—Mark your calendars for July 17-18!


Please pray for us as we prepare this, that we can find the best content and take on a whole new means of presentation, with its own challenges.

Mrs. Tamara Cesare

Executive Director, Ignite Your Torch Catholic Youth Conference

Call Us: 1-800-764-8444   /   /   PO Box 10 New Hope, KY 40052

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