Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a dress code?
Our conference provides t-shirts to build a sense of unity and team spirit among participants. Activities vary from prayer and adoration to workshops and recreation. The dress code assures appropriate attire for all activities.

Why are cell phones and electronic devices not allowed at the conference?

The conference is a time to leave one’s everyday life behind and spend time learning and listening to God. This policy helps us to build community by encouraging personal interaction and unity among participants. Also, the conference cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged valuable belongings. 


Who are the Green Shirts?

The green shirts are young adult volunteers who assist in the logistics of conference activities. They also provide a certain amount of enthusiasm and connecddtion for the participants, but are not allowed to supervise the groups. 

Can we just fax our registrations in?

No. For legal purposes, we can only accept the original hard copies of the registration forms signed using an ink pen.

Why can only the necessary number of chaperones accompany our group?

Since space is limited and chaperones must sleep in rooms separate from the youth, this policy allows us to accommodate as many youth as possible. Remember, the conference is for the benefit of the youth.

May our priest, deacon or seminarian accompany our group?

Yes. However, there may be a limited amount of space for your priest, deacon or seminarian to accompany your group. Priests, deacons and seminarians may not be chaperones and will have separate housing. Non-clergy chaperones must be housed in the same building as their youth. 

Is financial aid available?
Only about half of the actual cost of the conference is covered by registration fees; therefore, there is already a built-in scholarship, of approximately $250, for each and every participant and chaperone. Due to our efforts to keep the fees low for everyone, we are unable at this time to give financial aid to individuals.

What is the purpose of registration deadline?

Having a deadline makes it possible for us to plan for and efficiently handle the many facets of the conference. This includes safety issues which comprise of maintaining accurate and well organized records for each group.

What if a youth participant drops out, I know there are no refunds, but may I send a substitute?

There is a $25 fee for replacements made after the final registration deadline of May 1st. After that date, a youth of the same gender may be substituted with completed paperwork received in our office no later than fourteen business days prior to the conference, June 16, 2016. Due to procesing time, NO SUBSTITUTIONS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE JUNE 16TH DEADLINE.

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