Dear Parents,

As the primary evangelizers and teachers of your children, you are the most essential people in the mission of evangelizing our young people. We hope that this conference will help reinforce and strengthen the Catholic values and virtues you have taught at home.

For many young people, Ignite Your Torch has provided them with an opportunity to be in a whole new environment where they are surrounded by young priests, religious and other young people who are on fire for their faith. In this new environment they are often open afresh to the Holy Spirit and the teachings of the Catholic Church in a way that ignites their faith and changes the course of their life. Since its inception eight years ago, the Conference has seen dozens of vocations to the priesthood, religious life as well as many vocations to faithful married life with a strong Catholic spouse.

We rely on parents to register their teens, prepare them for the conference and help what they got out of the conference into their everyday life when they return home. We also invite parents to serve as chaperones.

We also rely on you to help spread the word. Here are some ways you can help:

• With the permission of your priest and youth minister, promote the conference in your parish.

• Volunteer to attend as a chaperone for your church group.

• Share this webpage on your Facebook wall, email group or other means of communication.

• Like our Facebook page.

• Talk to your priest and youth minister about the Conference and encourage them to organize a group from your parish to attend.

• Tell others at your parish, teen’s high school, sports teams or homeschool group about the Conference.

• Order posters and fliers.

"All three of my kids had a GREAT TIME and came home telling me about the talks... I just want to say THANKS.  I’m sure they come 

for the social part,

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