Priest and Religious play a central role in teaching, interacting and ministering to the high school students. Brothers and Sisters from the most vibrant and fastest growing religious orders as well as Diocesan Priests speak at general sessions, workshops, lead small groups and interact with the students through games, meals and casual conversation.

The religious communities who have attended previous IYT conferences are:



Dominican Friars of the 
Province of St. Joseph 

The Dominican Friars are members of the Dominican Order founded in 1216 by St. Dominic. Their mission is preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for which task they prepare by prayer, study and contemplation. Their motto is “To contemplate and give to others the fruits of our contemplation.”

See www.dominicanfriars. org for more information.

Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia 


The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia from Nashville are part of the Dominican Order. The Sisters devote themselves mainly to the work of education. Their community is also dedicated to a strong prayer life, to living in community, and to wearing the distinctive habit.

For information on how to contact the Sisters, go to

Fathers of Mercy

The Fathers of Mercy, a community founded in France in 1808 to counter the widespread loss of faith following upon the French Revolution, are a congregation of priests whose primary apostolate is to preach parish missions and retreats, with an emphasis on the sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and confession.

Their website is

Sister Servants of the Eternal Word


The Sister Servants of the Eternal Word are a contemplative-active community that follows the Rule of St. Francis of Assisi, with St. Dominic and St. Francis as their patrons. They were established in Birmingham, AL in 1987. The purpose of the community is the work of retreats and catechesis. The Sisters follow a regular life of study and prayer in order to nourish their own spiritual lives and those of the people they serve.

For more information,see

Sisters of St.  Joseph the Worker


The Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker were founded in 1973 in Kentucky by Bishop Richard H. Ackerman and Mother Ellen Curran. They seek to serve the Lord with gladness and to be a visible expression of the love of Christ and the mystery of the Church. The apostolates of the Sisters include teaching, health care, domestic and clerical work.

Visit their website

The Trappists


The Trappists are a branch of the contemplative Cistercian Order. They were
founded in France in the year 1098. The monks live a life of silence, prayer and
manual labor, working manually to support themselves. The Trappist monks who
will be visiting during the conference are from the Abbey of Gethsemani near New Haven, KY. This house of prayer was founded in 1848.

For more information, see

Community of St. John



For more information, see

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