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Matthew Knight


My Conversion Story

Ignite NW 2016

The story of my conversion to the Catholic Church and discernment of my vocation to the priesthood in the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon. Recorded by Daniel Gonzalez and Jacque Szczepanski at Ignite Your Torch NW 2016, Olympia, WA.

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Archbishop Kurtz


Seeking True Freedom

"What is the problem with a notion of freedom, which is a freedom from restrictions? You know we are told that the new atheism – I noticed that you had a some of you may have gone to the talk on the new atheism – The new atheism is basically say we don’t believe in God because we believe that God, Jesus Christ, that religion is the enemy of freedom...

He [Bl. Pope John Paul II] said, ‘Materialism, simply trying to take what you want when you want it, is a new type of prison, and it is not a true freedom."

Fr. Paul Schenck

The Horrors of the Abortion Industry 


"I had never seen anything like this in my life. I knew what abortion was. I knew it was wrong… I had never been confronted with the victims of abortion themselves."


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Fr. Bryce Sibley

Defending Traditional Marriage

“He never gives an argument why they are equal. He never says they are equal because of this. He just says they are equal. If you know your philosophy, this is a fallacy of begging the question. You use something that is not proven to prove your point. You can’t do that. You can’t just say, ‘Hey, marriage equality.’”

Fr. "Pontifex"


The Danger of Spiritualism

Do we really need to go to Church? Can't we just be religious in our hearts? I like going to the nondenominational churches because they have exciting music. 

Maybe you need to take a listen to Fr. "Pontifex"

Brother Athanasius, OP

Faith and Knowledge

"[Y]ou have faith on one hand and reason on the other, and both of these are means of knowledge. They are complementary; they are in harmony with one another. They both point to the same truth. They both point to the same reality which is God himself."

Sr. Jane Dominic, OP

The Rich Gift Of Love: An Insight into JPII's Theology of the Body. To whom will I entrust myself? How will I know if another person is worthy of my love? Worthy of my trust? How will I know if I am worthy of another's love and trust? This course explores John Paul II's understanding of love as self-gift, loving through our bodies and doing it in the context of living for our families, our society and our culture.

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