Youth Code of Conduct

Each participant must agree to these rules. Organizers, please read carefully so you are familiar with the policies.

1. Chaperones
Each youth participant will have a chaperone. Conference organizers and chaperones are responsible for safety and discipline during all conference events. They should be informed of any emergency. Youth participants must follow the instructions of and cooperate with their designated chaperone. Should a participant violate this or other conference regulations, his or her chaperone and/or parents will be contacted immediately and asked to arrange for the youth’s transportation home. 

2. Participation
Participation in all scheduled conference activities is expected. Participants must stay on-site throughout the entire conference. In case of an emergency, a participant can leave the conference only after being checked out with the conference coordinator in person by a parent, legal guardian or group chaperone.

3. Illegal and inappropriate items
Under no circumstances may alcohol, cigarettes, illegal drugs or weapons be

possessed or used by youth participants at the conference.

4. Absolutely no iPods or electronic devices. A participant found with any

of these items will be required to turn them in to conference staff until the

end of the conference. An alarm clock may be brought but should not be

used to play music.

5. Absolutely no cell phones for youth participants. In case of emergency,

a chaperone’s cell phone may be used. A participant found with a cell

phone will be required to turn it in to conference staff until the end of

the conference.


6. Dress
Modest dress is required. Conference activities vary from prayer

and adoration to workshops and recreational activities. Clothing must

be appropriate for all activities:

• Capris, pants or skirts coming at least to the knees
• no low-riding pants
• Participants’ own shirts will be worn the first day.
(NOTE: Two conference t-shirts will be provided for the remainder of the
conference.) All shirts should have: sleeves and a t-shirt neckline with
no midriff showing
• no inappropriate messages or images on clothing 
• no transparent or see-through clothing
• no frayed or cut clothing
For Sunday Mass, wear long pants or slacks or skirt.


7. Sleeping arrangements
Bedroom and bath facilities in the dorms will be separated by gender.

Participants may not under any circumstances visit the floors designated

for the opposite sex.

Shorts Policy


Shorts worn must come down to the knees. We understand that the current fashion for young ladies may not make this easy, so we strongly encourage young ladies to wear capris or skirts below the knee in favor of shorts and to err on the side of caution when choosing their outfits. This will help make sure that youth are modestly and appropriately dressed for the large breadth of activities (from social night and recreation to Mass and Holy Hours) occurring throughout the conference. We ask that all chaperones please check that youth are in compliance with this code before leaving the dorm areas each day.


All organizers, chaperones and volunteers at the conference are asked to follow the same set of rules. We appreciate your help in following the dress code in a fair manner that is conducive to the purpose of the conference.

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